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The critically acclaimed Silvershine™ is a "must-have" for your restaurant operation. This innovative appliance ensures 100% consistency in presenting pristine cutlery for your guests. Even better, it does so while reducing your labor, improving your food safety and has a low annual operating cost.  Silvershine™ was the recipient of the Kitchen Innovations 2007 Award presented by the National Restaurant Association.

Simply drop freshly-washed, wet cutlery into Silvershine™ and 30-40 seconds later it is dry and perfectly polished!

The Right Impression, Everytime.  

: 95% of guests examine their cutlery immediately after placing their order. Silvershine™ ensures that you communicate the right image with your flatware everytime, for every guest. Operating automatically at 30-40 seconds per piece and up to 12,000 pcs/hr, Silvershine™ ensures that you have a perfect shine regardless of how many covers your dining room is serving. Not only is your cutlery spotless, it is 100% sanitized and food-safe.

Silvershine™ saves labor and lets you re-deploy those hours to more value-added tasks elsewhere in your operation.