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Ice Storage Bins with Carts

Ice storage and distribution system with little physical effort. It supports  the weight of compatible ITV Ice Makers, stores their production and meets the ice-making needs of your premises in an easy, ergonomic and convenient way for workers who use it.

Applicable for all types of ice, both granular and flat flake, as well as any types of cubes.

Optional basket system further facilitating distribution of ice over the counter or whatever it is to be located. 



  • Stainless steel body AISI 304 with galvanized back and bottom.
  • Hard sanitary polyethylene vat, resistant to blows, friction or scratches.
  • EASY CLEANING DESIGN: Seamless one-piece vat with rounded corners, keeping all points clean.
  • The paddle is included to manage the ice easily.
  • Drainage systems which collects and channels the water from the drainpipe of the carts cleanly and without pools.
  • EASY CART is made of sanitary polyethylene without roughness to facilitate cleaning.
  • EASY CART is ergonomic and easy to move with little effort.
  • EASY CART has a braking, drainage system and cover.
  • Optional buckets system is for distributing ice quickly and effortlessly