ITV Ice Makers

Founded in 1981, ITV’s factory has been successfully producing ice makers with worldwide distribution to in excess of100 countries and every continent. ITV today, is a leading and prestigious company in ice making manufacturing supplying the Commercial and Hospitality Industries


GBS is proud to introduce our new FX CombiStar combi ovens.

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CombiStar Ovens

Combi Ovens are the most versatile pieces of production kitchen equipment with extensive functions and cooking modes. Three great cooking methods in one oven – steam, heat or both!! This industry leading oven steams, roasts, broils, bakes and rethermalizes. You can perform every cooking function to maximize your results.Canada’s #1 installed HMR choice!

Cutlery Dryers

The critically acclaimed Silvershine™ is a "must-have" for your restaurant operation. This innovative appliance ensures 100% consistency in presenting pristine cutlery for your guests. Even better, it does so while reducing your labor, improving your food safety and has a low annual operating cost.

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Welcome to GBS

GBS Food Service Equipment markets and manufactures a wide range of high quality food service equipment.
Quality Produces Results
Great food starts with great equipment that matches your need for performance in a busy kitchen environment.

We start by working with your chef to discuss your menu concept and the most cost-effective equipment to meet your needs. Then we develop a plan to meet those needs and follow up with timely installation and training.

Service Produces Satisfaction
The sale is just the start of the service at GBS. From initial training to ongoing service maintenance, we provide continuous service when and where you need it. We offer in-depth training, menu development and more to help you explore the full creative potential offered by our equipment.

We believe that quality products and quality service produce superior results and success in your kitchen.