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Chill 40 lbs from 194°F  to 37.4°F in 90 minutes.


Manufactured to the highest world standard, the GBS “Intelichill” series of Blast Chillers offer operators the ability to meet modern day HACCP food handling requirements while maintaining the highest quality food preservation standards. With true “one touch” operational features and the award winning I.F.R. (Intelligent Food Recognition) technology, it’s just as simple as inserting the probe and pushing the start button--the Intelichill does the rest. Intelichill manages the entire process, including the modulation of the chilling and fan functions to maintaining the surface cell integrity of any product.

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Once the product has reached the required internal temperature, the Intelichill automatically enters a “hold” pattern to maintain the food safe environment. A simple PCB interface with an intuitive LCD panel gives visual and audible confirmation of any key point during the chilling/freezing process. After the product has been properly and safely chilled or frozen, the Intelichill can download the required data to a PC via an easy to use software program.

I.F.R. Technology

Traditional blast chiller/freezers, in their haste to bring down the core temperature of a product, may freeze and damage the surface of the food. By freezing the outer layer of the food, the process of freezing is extended, causing more cell damage on the surface of any given product. With the Intelichill’s Patented I.F.R. Technology, the machine monitors the internal core temperature of a product, the surface temperature of a product and finally the multi-point probe measures the interior cavity temperature. As the surface of the product begins to freeze, the fan and cooling system is adjusted downward to allow the freeze to move deeper into the product, thereby maintaining the natural appearance, fragrance and flavour of the food.

  • Interior container five (5) support guides with 2.36” spacing in #304 stainless steel
  • Included: two (2) stainless steel shelves/ guides (4 pairs)