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  • Orange fibreglass structure with detailing in green.
  • Octagonal base designed to provide additional space for low-level storage.
  • Electric up and down crank opening mechanism that stops automatically.
  • Lockable side access door.
  • 360º fibreglass counter provides optimum amount of usable surface on which to place equipment and for serving the public.
  • Fibreglass sink built in to the counter.
  • Ventilation opening in upper part of unit.
  • Diameter of upper section of sphere can be used as a shelf for lightweight items.
  • 4 wheels (2 fitted with a brake), 2 handles and a trailer coupling on the base make it easy to move around.

0.03 Amp electrical/circuit breaker. 
10Amp and 20Amp magneto-thermal circuit breakers.

Includes: Electrical installation. Light sockets and 6 LED lights on the inside. Water connection with electric pump.

What is not included: Automatic juicer. Transport trailer.