Commercial Juicers / Vending / ZV25C


A compact vending solution that enables customers to enjoy natural chilled juice squeezed to order at any time. 

  • Operating status information display · Alphanumeric system and illuminated icons. 
  • 8 language options.
  • Serving counter. · Price of serving can be programmed in.
  • Fruit counter.
  • Rolling tally of accumulated credit.
  • Information on nature of any malfunction. 
  • Electronic temperature control. Refrigeration regulator that keeps the whole interior cold including the waste peel, to avoid attracting insects. 
  • Automatic self-clean program which is set to run after certain number of juices have been delivered or a set length of time has elapsed. Connection to enable water to be drawn direct from the mains drinking water supply.
  • Easy to clean. Fully removable parts. 
  • Programmable rielda lock.
  • Rear buffers ensure correct ventilation of cooling unit.
  • Back-lit front panel (led lights).
  • Separate payment systems and programming zones, both housed in watertight compartments. 
  • Accessible to wheelchair users.