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Battery (Gas) - B-P20-18; B-P20-20; B-P30-14; B-P30-18

Our high efficiency, commercial fryers produce great tasting products including fried chicken, french fries, wings, fish and more.

Due to our recovery capacity and faster cook times, it becomes possible for more food to be cooked per hour. This is extremely beneficial for the busiest times of the day. For some cases, fewer Ultrafryers are needed to keep up with the same volume ordinary fryers can produce. Imagine needing one less fryer! Additionally, a smaller hood is required with less exhaust and make-up air needed, lower energy costs and more floor space available.


  • High effi ciency Par-2 heat exchanger
  • Ultraclear fi ltration system
  • Easy access filter pump pack
  • Dial thermostat behind door
  • Automatic melt cycle
  • Stainless steel vats, cabinet and frame
  • Pilotless electronic ignition
  • Heavy duty 4-inch casters with front locking brakes
  • 2 baskets per vat
  • Fast Flow fi lter envelope

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The food cooks quicker than other fryers because it receives the required BTU's faster. Our patented heat exchangers put more energy into the shortening having enough power to recover from the temperature drop caused by the food placed inside the vat. 

It is common for french fries, onion rings, chicken wings and many other items to cook faster.