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Floor Model (Gas) - F-P20-18; F-P30-14; F-P30-18

PATENTED  HEAT EXCHANGERS - Our High Efficiency design does not rush your money out the Flue! With the Par-3, 40% to 60% fuel savings are not untypical. This translates into increased production while maintaining a high standard of food quality. Faster turn around, higher loads at reduced cost and lower climate control costs give you a better bottomline and a happier customer.

  • Highest Production
  • High energy Efficiency
  • Best Tasting Food
  • Safe and Easy Filtration
  • Faster Cook Times
  • Lowest Life Cycle Cost

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The Difference!  Typical Input 3000F Exit 1100FUltrafryer Input 3000F Exit 500F

Depending on model and products being fried, we can provide throughput ranging from 65,000 BTUs to 120,000 BTUs per hour with exceptional control over the cooking process.

We produce Gas fryers in 45 lb., 75lb. and 125 lb. fryer capacities and all of them include Automatic Vat Protection, preventing accidental dry firing, and ensuring long life.