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Deli Merchandisers

Optimum Presentation

Tailored system
The Deli Merchandiser system creates the perfect deli environment. The system offers its operators the ultimate in flexibility and performance. Available in 3, 4, 5 and 7 well sizes this system can display the most versatile food products.

Smart design
The design and construction make it easy to build-in units into your existing counter. The position of the windows provides a large view on your products. The deli merchandiser can be supplied on a solid stainless steel under frame. Choose for an open or a closed design to fit your deli department.

Humidity control per GN-zone
The full service models feature independent upper radiant heat to control humidity over each well. In order to create the ideal holding conditions, humidification can be set at four different levels. This enables you to display food products with various holding needs. Furthermore the smart air circulation ensures the windows won’t condensate.

Combine full-service and self-service
To stimulate impulse purchases and speed up customers in your deli area, you can also pre-pack the more popular hot food products and put them in a self-service counter. Moreover, combining full-service and self-service avoid long lines in peak hours.

Compact matching dimensions
The Hot Deli Merchandiser has minimal external dimensions, yet boasts an extensive display space. Its modular dimensions allow you to combine every unit available: both full-service and self-service. Use the second level display rack to stock larger product quantities. Put your shop floor space to optimum use!

Enlarged product view
With its eye-catching design, brilliant halogen lighting and mirrored glass, the Deli Merchandiser is guaranteed to present a mouthwatering display.