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Turbo Grill

Versatile and easy to operate, the Turbo Grill rotisseries are solid yet versatile rotisseries. The TG cooks chicken and all kinds of meat cuts deliciously and is perfect for convenience stores, butcher shops and deli departments. Despite its versatility, the TG is also easy to operate. Just set the time and temperature and activate the rotisserie. Proven heating process.

The TG features a combination of convection and infrared radiation for which Fri-Jado rotisseries are famous. This heating process creates a juicy product with an evenly cooked, crispy skin: a real taste experience.

Equipped with a large glass door, the Turbo Grill features a large, striking display section. What’s more, the powerful quartz lamps will maximize your products’ visual appeal to customers. 

To simplify the cleaning process, the TG rotisseries feature a removable fat drawer that drains fat through a valve. This shortens the time needed for cleaning. It will save labor costs and allow your operators to use valuable time for what’s most important: attending to your customers.

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