Vacuum Packaging Machines / Table Top Models
Lynx 32
Lynx is the next generation vacuum packers, with an intelligent and functional design. Also available with a print and labelling function.

Lynx 42
Table-top models with intelligent design, full color screen, print and label function, and a flat workspace for optimal cleaning. Standard with Advanced Control System.

Boxer 35
The smallest table-top vacuum packaging machine in the Boxer series, standard equipped with Sensor control and Soft Air. Fully equipped model to pack different products.

Boxer 42XL
Besides standard Sensor control and Soft Air, option possibilities like Wide seal, Liquid control and inclined insert plates are available. Fit for professional chefs.

Boxer 52 II
Boxer 52 is an extra wide table-top model that comes standard with two seal bars. Extensive option possibilities like Liquid control and Wide seal are available.

Mini Jumbo
Basic model equipped for professional packaging, at the best available price. Perfect fit for first time vacuum packing experiences. Compact machine, 'jumbo' results!

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