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Z14 Nature Self Service SLIM

Automatic juicer for citrus
Oranges, lemons, limes, mandarins, and grapefruit. 

The machine uses a squeezing system that is unique, cutting the fruit in half and squeezing it without the juice coming into contact with the peel, this means the juice does not pick up any of the oil or bitterness in the peel, so what you get is top quality, 100% pure, natural tasting juice.

All our machines are constructed with a stainless steel body.

  • Top mounted rotating basket that is part of the automatic feed system. The basket holds up to 20 lbs. of fruit and when full makes machine visually attractive.
  • Latest generation Digital Programmer and fruit counter for monitoring the number of fruits squeezed, plus a digital display screen that provides information on the machine’s operating status.
  • Two filter options regulate the amount of pulp retained in the juice, meaning customers can be served juice tailored to their preference.
  • Automatic start system activated by pressing the tap.
  • Double capacity stainless steel cabinet with integrated refrigeration.
  • Drip tray and grille can be set at 3 different heights.
  • Buffer brackets protect the machine and provide a minimum space for the air to flow through from the refrigeration unit.
  • Fitted with two 13.2 gal bins so the user can squeeze up to 110 lbs. of oranges without stopping and with no need to dispose of the waste material created (until juicing is finished).

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