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Z40 Nature Cabinet PLUS

Automatic Juicer for Citrus
Oranges, lemons, mandarins, grapefruit and pomegranates

Z40C juicer with 2 gal. capacity tank for receiving the juice and a self-service tap. Double capacity stainless steel waste peel-collection cabinet. e machine uses a squeezing system that is unique in the world, cutting the fruit in half without the juice coming into contact with the peel, this means the juice does not pick up any of the oil or bitterness in the peel, so what you get is top quality, 100% pure, natural tasting juice.

All our machines are constructed with a stainless steel body.

  • Machine is visually attractive.
  • Digital Programmer and fruit counter for monitoring the number of fruits squeezed, plus a digital display screen that provides information on the machine’s operating status.
  • Drip tray and grille.
  • 2 x 13.2 gal. waste peel-collection bins mean 110 lbs. of oranges can be squeezed without needing to stop.
  • Self-cleaning filter. 
  • Stand by system.
  • Quick and easy to clean. It only takes 6/7 minutes to disassemble, clean, dry and reassemble the removable parts.

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