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Stemshine GP-8A

Sister product to the critically acclaimed Silvershine™ cutlery polisher, Stemshine™ is a breakthrough innovation and recipient of the NRA's 2008 Kitchen Innovation award.

This easy-to-use appliance dries and gently polishes your valuable stemware delivering a spectacular presentation consistently.

Stemshine™ not only produces great results that save time and effort, it protects your investment in stemware by dramatically reducing the number of broken stems that occur during the polishing process.

Simple, Effective & Consistent

Stemshine™ takes your stemware from freshly washed to highly polished in just seconds! Simply position wet stemware in contact with the cotton-soft, synthetic drying bristles and allow them to gently polish. THAT'S IT!

A Great Presentation - EVERYTIME!

Polishing stemware is one of the most time consuming, manual jobs in foodservice and, let's face it, consistent results are nearly impossible to achieve.

No longer! Stemshine™ allows you to achieve the quality presentation your drink list deserves with 100% consistency. With its synthetic drying brushes, spinning as they absorb moisture, Stemshine™ renders your glasses sparkling and without a trace of unsightly spots.

Brilliantly Compact

Stemshine™ fits into nearly any foodservice environment with ease. Its small-form factor fits just about anywhere in your kitchen or bar and with its 120V power consumption it's truly just "plug-and-play".