Why Your Restaurant Needs a Commercial Citrus Juicer

Jan 26, 2023 Kitchen Equipment

Ready to make breakfast profitable? Serving freshly squeezed orange juice is the way to go. Not only does it make for a delicious and zesty addition to your menu, but it can also increase your restaurant’s profits. Here are three reasons why you should consider investing in a commercial citrus juicer for your restaurant. 

Reason #1 – Fresher Juice, More Customers

Allowing customers to enjoy fresh-squeezed orange juice will instantly set your restaurant apart from the competition. When customers see that you offer freshly squeezed orange juice, they will be more likely to return because they know that they are getting quality food and drinks. Plus, since the process of squeezing oranges is so quick and easy with a commercial citrus juicer, you can even provide each customer with their own personalized glass of juice! 

Reason #2 – Save Money on Bottled Orange Juice

By investing in a commercial citrus juicer, you can save money on buying bottled orange juice every week. This means more money in your pocket while also allowing you to offer fresher and healthier options to customers. Plus, you won’t have to worry about wasting any unused bottles of orange juice if customers don’t drink it all.

Reason #3 – Boost Profits with Specialty Drinks

Offering fresh-squeezed orange juice gives you the opportunity to create specialty drinks like mimosas or bloody marys for brunch or happy hour specials. You can even get creative and mix oranges with other juices like pineapple or grapefruit for unique flavor combinations that customers won’t be able to resist! With a commercial citrus juicer, creating these speciality drinks is simple and fast – meaning more profits for your business! 

Using a commercial citrus juicer can be a great way for restaurants to boost profits while also offering fresher and healthier options for their customers. From increasing customer satisfaction with freshly-squeezed drinks to saving money on bottled juices, there are many benefits when it comes to adding this appliance into your business model. So what are you waiting for? Invest in one today and watch as your business reaps the rewards!


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